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EML and its associated entities ('EML') provide the EMsafe and EMhealth process and website content (together, the 'site') to you for use in NSW, Victoria and SA only, as a guide to help you meet certain requirements under applicable work health and safety laws and legislation ('WHS laws') and as a guide to assist you with your Health & Wellness program. The site is not designed to be a comprehensive statement of all applicable laws and it does not take your particular circumstances into account. As such, it is not legal advice. Please note EML may discontinue provision of the site at any time in its discretion.

EML, its service providers in connection with the site, and/or the associated entities, employees, directors or agents of any of the Employers Mutual Groups:

·shall not be liable for loss or damage arising from your use of the site or from any error or omission in the site (whether due to negligence or otherwise); and

·shall not be liable for loss or damage arising from accidental loss, corruption, or disclosure of data (although reasonable steps are taken to hold and safeguard data including any personal information which you submit into the site).

Whilst EML has made reasonable efforts to ensure the quality and accuracy of the Material contained within EMsafe and EMhealth, please be aware that it is provided as a guide only and that it may be subject to change (and from time to time, these changes are outside the control of EML). The Material has not been prepared taking any person's specific circumstances into account and does not constitute legal or financial advice. EML expressly disclaims any warranties or representations and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the Material (whether prepared by EML or by a third party and made available through EMsafe and EMhealth including by links to third party sites or content).

Data and privacy - EML shall not access or use any of your data which is submitted into the site without your prior consent unless required by law, but may handle your data for the purposes of providing the site. EML shall take reasonable steps to comply with applicable privacy legislation with respect to any data which contains personal information. You remain the owner of your data.

Disclaimer -These Terms of Use & Disclaimer do not serve to replace any other terms of use, disclaimers or privacy statements applicable to the site. However, these Terms of Use & Disclaimer prevail to the extent of any inconsistencies.

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Questions, comments or complaints?

Questions or concerns regarding EMsafe and EMhealth users or Logon Information should be directed to:

Mutual Benefits Coordinator


Should you have any concerns, questions, comments or complaints in connection with privacy or the requirements relating to Personal Information, then please contact our National Privacy Officer as follows:


by post to:
The National Privacy Officer
C/o the Risk Management Department
Level 3, 345 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000.

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